Frequently Asked Questions

Overnight Rentals and Deposit
Yes, overnight rental is available. A deposit for the equipment is require along with the rental fee.
If you hold the equipment overnight, we request a deposit in check for each rented item as follows:
Speakers: $500 per speaker
Mixers: $500 per mixer
Stands or mics: No deposit.
We only request a deposit when equipment is left overnight. If your event ends before 11pm, we can bring the sound system on the same day of the event and pick it up on that same day (cut off time for pick ups is 11pm). As long as your event ends before 11pm, you can enjoy the rental without a deposit.
Transportation and Set up
Yes, we prefer to handle the equipment ourselves. This prevents damage to the equipment. Because of that, all our rentals are full service, that is a technician will bring the equipment to your event, set it up, test it and at the end of the event he will pick it up and bring it back to our location.
Cost of transportation and set up (anywhere in the tri-state area of NY, NJ & CT) is included in all packages. For locations outside a ratio of 100 miles of NYC , transportation is available at a flat fee of $150. Please email us to get invoice for that extra fee. If event ends between 11pm and 2am, we can pick it up for an extra fee of $150. Please contact us for extra invoice.
This policy give peace of mind to us and free you from having to physically transport and set up the equipment, plus it allows to offer our no deposit policy ( events ending before 11pm.)
Our service is full service. On all our rentals we prefer to handle the equipment ourselves saving you time, money, effort and excluding you from having to leave a deposit. Our customers love that convenience and you will too!
Currently we only rent packages. We are unable at the moment to rent individual items for example 1 mixer only, 1 microphone only, etc.
General Questions
We specialize in small to medium size events. Our equipment is great for events with the range of 50 to 400 people. If your event is bigger than that, you can probably work better with a bigger company like Guitar Center.
All bookings must be set up and paid online through our website. A booking is only official once payment has been submitted.
No, we do not have a retail store. We keep our equipment in a storage facility. This allow us to save on overhead expenses. We pass this savings to our customers. Since we do not have a retail store, unfortunately, we cannot offer you the option to check the sound first.
We have a track record of reliability and we run our business for the long term, so we want you to be happy and recommend us to your friends.
We can be reached via phone, text or email and all your payments are made through Paypal which means you are entitled to a full refund if there is an issue on our end that prevents us from rendering the service. Paypal also offers you automatic buyer protection.
If there is a problem on our end, we will always let you know and preset alternatives. However, we rarely have any issues that prevents us from delivering and setting up as requested.
In most cases setting up the equipment takes about 30 mins. We recommend you that you request arrival of equipment(on booking form) at least 2 hours before your guests are scheduled to arrive. If the location of the event allows you to set up before 2 hours, even better. In the end you make the call on the time you want us to arrive, but again at least 2 hours before is recommended.
We take bookings up to 3 months in advance.
We recommend your booking at least 48 hours before your event.If you would like to book with less than 48 hours notice, please contact us first to confirm availability.
Please read our package rates page. There you will find an explanation for each package with some recommendations based on the number of people you are expecting and the activities you are planning to have (dj, ipod, a few guest talking via microphone etc). If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us so we can understand better your event and recommend a suitable package for you.
Our equipment requires electricity. As long as you can provide electricity, we can serve you. If your event is in a open space like a park, our equipment can work with an electric generator. We also offer a generator as an add on service. You can add it to your booking or contact us so we can send you a proper invoice.
Our goal is to give you the best service possible. On every package we include free items that we know you might need for your event. Things like microphone stands, speaker stands and wireless microphones (UHF) are some items we include at no extra charge. Look on the bottom of each package for the list of free items you get with each package.
Only credit cards via Paypal through our website. We do not take cash or checks.
Our cancellation policy is the following:
Cancel within 72 hrs of event - no refundable
Cancel 72 hrs before event- 50% refund.
You are also entitled to a full refund if for any reason we cannot provide service.
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